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Premium Patio Timber Outdoor Furniture Sydney

Want to know the most straight forward way to find out how durable a timber outdoor setting is? Ask the shop assistant how heavy the table or setting is . In the event they don’t know, and they properly wont. Lift the timber table and see for your self. On display in our show room we have 2 identical chairs. One is made of Keruing and the other Eucalypus we’d he happy for you to come see for yourself.

Premium Patio has a great range of timber Outdoor furniture that represents what we think is the best quality and value in Sydney if not Australia.

The largest outdoor timber furniture retailers and department stores have recently changed from tradditonal hardwood timbers such as teak, jarrah and ironwood to timbers such as Pacific Jarrah (aka Eucalypyus) and Eucalyptus. Eucalypus timber, although better quality than Acaica from our experience is around 15% lighter and much cheaper than A grade Keruing hardwood.

Some Additonal Information About Keruing
Keruing is the name given to the timber yielded from more than 70 species of the genus Dipterocarpus. This group of large hardwoods is indigenous to South East Asia, where the species are harvested from managed forests with regeneration programs.

Keruing timber is low maintenance, hardwearing and ideal for outdoor furniture use. The wood is strong and classified as durable, making it useful for construction purposes. Other common uses include internal flooring, protected framing and boards, internal joinery and mouldings, lining, paneling and framework. Preservative-treated material is used for poles, piles, sleepers and cross-arms. It is often used as a cheaper alternative to oak for heavy construction, decking, vehicle building and sleepers, and it is also in plywood.
Where other timbers may require curing, Keruing is completely cured and ready for immediate use with minimal risk of leaching, bleeding or leach sap.

For more information on Keruing hardwood timber please email us at or call us 1300 95 90 32.



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